Our Artworks - Design and Creation

We found a charivari chain in a small antique shop in Venice with 5-6 pendants of various animal body parts. There was a charm that had a tiny antler tipped in German silver. We replaced it with a stow jaw charm and made a pendant necklace which gets a lot of attention. When people ask what it is, here is the story: "We were in a small room, conjuring a baphomet when a baby baphomet appeared. We barely had time to grab it by the horn when it disappeared again. The horn broke off and we made this pendant."

  • Leather Gender Neutral Skirts

    Leather and Bone designs and creates gender neutral skirts of luscious deerskin. Available in our Etsy store, we prefer clients to have them made on their bodies here at the studio. You choose your leather and we craft the skirt on your body.

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  • Lifelike Skulls

    We source these skulls from all over the world though most come from, where else, China. They are cold cast resign, high impact plastic, some painted, some miniature, all of them lifelike and hugh quality.

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  • Skull Head Mannequins

    We cleverly install skull heads on to various mannequins and dress them up for the images.

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  • Charivari Pendants

    These pendant are crafted by hand of Roe deer antlers from the Black Forest in Germany. The nearest town is Bayreuth. The little deer are 'culled' to control their population in more humanly developed areas of the forest.

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  • Skull Candle Holders

    Created from antique candle holders, we install skull in the holders for an awe inspiring display of death and light.

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